105 thoughts on “Isaac Community Remix

          1. Rolie129

            Hi Oldbob12! I have an idea for a new item, it’s called…

            “Bob’s Rotten Body”
            - Passive Item
            It gives 1/3 of the “Bob” set. When you get the whole set, you have a 1/64 chance to shoot an explosive tear, which shoots like Ipecac.

  1. John

    If I can make a suggestion? Could you add a damage to the Jaw Bone? I got it, and it completely ruined my run. It doesn’t really stay on enemies long enough for the consistent damage to really matter, and the range makes it a far worse Technology that you need to charge in order to use.

    1. DjEzus

      Indeed, I’ve tried hard playing with Samson but it’s kinda helpless… it’s exactly like mom’s knife, minus the damages, what’s the point?

        1. Wuehltisch

          How about the jawbone acts more like a boomerang, flying in a circle, rather than being a weaker moms knife. and shot speed changes the angle, tear stats the time it flies and luck… a second turn, or an extra spin? Or just use this as a new item idea :D

  2. Talha

    Was the decision to change the Sword to the Jawbone for Biblical reasons?

    I feel it was right to do. The Sword looked like it should be stronger than Mom’s Knife so I felt it was the right move anyways. Good work this is great! Thank you so much for providing the community with SOMETHING to hold them over till Rebirth comes out.

  3. TacoGuitarPlayer

    This mod is really cool ! I admire the work you have done so far and I can’t wait for more! I want to know is there a place that you go for item ideas, or do people just send them to you?

  4. Daekie

    The Peeper’s Eye is currently bugged; entering a new room with it will cause it to just fly off through the wall and disappear. Every room.

  5. Spelling and Grammar Nazi

    I just thought you might want to know that dispair is not a word. You are probably trying to spell despair, rather.

  6. Nick Combs

    Can you remove the room made of 1-tile walkways & chasms? I think there’s a strong consensus that it’s one of the worst things in the game.

    Also, an item that causes Isaac to shoot tears/beams/knives at angles like harlequin baby does would be pretty cool.

  7. YoungBob21

    In the item template, you should change the “wheres” to “wears”, “devise” to “device”, and… oh my. Maybe you should ask some grammar nazi to help you :D I’ve heard they’re always keen to point out people’s mistakes and fix them xD

  8. IsaacFan-Manderkan

    We have some problems…
    Imagine… theese item combo’s…

    Mom’s Knive/Donkey’s Jaw Bone + Ludovico! (Fully control of the Knive/D.J.B.?!)
    Blood Oath + Guppy’s Paw (No Hearts except Soul-Hearts = Full DMG?)
    Book of Dispair + Battery’s (Every Room full Firespeed!)

    I find theese item-combos would be… Very powerful…
    And now comes my Questions and Suggestions!

    -D12 Effect used on bosses like… Mom,Mom’s Heart, Satan/Isaac and ??? (What Result?)
    -If you added a Cool Bean… add a Hot Bean and a new Feature called ,,Fire Damage,,! (Fire Damage does 1-2 Damage for 4 Seconds)
    -Angel Rooms! Not the old version… my idea for the new Version! (You need to sacrifice 1 Eternal Heart to get 2-3 Angel Items, and 3 Soul Hearts to get 1 Angel Item!)
    - My fav. Idea! A new attribute! (Like Attack,Speed,Health…)
    The ,,Mental Attribute,,! (Its Simple… Everytime Isaac does deals with the Devil, He gets 5 ,,Sin Stats,,.
    Everytime he deals a deal with the Angel’s, He gets 5 ,,Merit Stats,,. Same with the Beggar’s! If he gives the Normal Beggar a Coin, he gets 1 ,,Merit Stat,,. If he gives the Devil Beggar a Heart, he gets 1 ,,Sin Stat,,Theese Mental Attributes are gonna Descide… which boss youre gonna fight… Isaac or Devil?
    - You probably ask me now, ,,But Devil is much easier than Isaac and the Blue Baby!,,. The Solution is… The New Boss… Stronger than the Devil… I Have some ideas… but im gonna post them on a new comment… if youre interrested ^-^. (ive already did some researches!)
    -The Rotten Pepper (Active Item. Isaac is Turning Red and hes being Incredible fast and shoots faster)
    -The Wiz (Passive Item. A Sequel to the Movie. Tin Man = Speed Up, Heart and Courage = Health Up.
    -V Awakening (Tarot Card. You get from ,,V Awakening,, 2 Health Up for this room)
    -Y Daylight (Tarot Card. With ,,Y Daylight,, You freeze all the Enemy’s for 5 Seconds)
    -X Dawn (Tarot Card. With ,,X Dawn,, You will have full Health for this room only)
    -Z Deepnight (Tarot Card. you get form ,,Z Deepnight,, you will get a random Devil Item Effect (does not harm the Mental Attribute) for the room only)

    To make this comment, I’ve spend 1 HOUR!
    Why? Because I love the binding of Isaac, and its awesome to have a mod, with features from the community! I did hard work to become some ideas… I even did hard work to write… Because im from Germany… Anyways, I Hope you will at least put some of my ideas into the Game! That would be really awesome!

    Good Luck from Germany!
    And I hope, everyones Ideas comes into Rebirth too!

      1. IsaacFan-Manderkan

        I Even have a full head/brain with ideas!

        - If you are gonna transform into Tammy, You will get 3 Merit Stats! If you are gonna transform into Guppy, you’re gonna get 3 Sin Stats!
        - A New Boss! The Behemoth! (Its an Robotic Colossus. It has the Jump attack from Monstro, A Lazer which he shoots from his mouth and a Charge attack. If he does a Charge attack and hits the wall, hes gonna be Paralyzed and overheated… he need to open his Breastplate, to cool down… and Isaac needs to shoot that one! (Funny idea, you will get from Behemoth the Drop ,,Ice Bean,,. Why? Because he’s using the Ice Bean to cool him self… you can see the Ice Bean in his Breastplate!) A little bit hard, but he’s possible to beat… i hope! Oh, and hes really walking slowly!)
        -New Chests! (,,Angel Chests,, as i call them. You can find them as a drop from the Beggar or after Defeating Satan! (Satan will be the First boss and then my idea with the Second Boss) You will get a Chance, to Teleport Into the Angel room, the more your Merit Stat Points has, Just like the Devil Chests. If you have a High Sin Stat, you will get a bigger chance to teleport to the Devil Room! You can get from the ,,Angel Chest,, 1 of the 4 Riders Secound Stage as a boss (They are gonna drop a Cube of Meat!), or 1 Eternal Heart!
        - New Item/Follower! (The ,,Extinct Bird,,! If Isaac gets Damage, The Extinct Bird is gonna shoot an Skycracker at every Enemy in the Room!)
        -The New Concept/Theme Idea! (I call it ,,Eve’s True Heart,,. Eve is not longer being bad at the Beginning with the whore of Babylon or the Dead Bird, No! Now she can descide in which Side shes gonna Fight! At the beginning, if you start the Game, there is gonna be 2 Chests, A Angel Chest, and a Devil Chest. In the Devil Chest is the Dead Bead bird and the Whore of Babylon. In the Angel Chest is the Extinct Bird and a Bible. NOT THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS! Eve’s Hair is gonna be Grey, like her Makeup. Everytime she gets Sin/Merit Stats, Her Hair will turn Darker or Whiter, and her makeup too. If she Started with the Devil chests, she has a bigger chance to get Devil Rooms! If she has picked the Angel Chest, she has a bigger chance to get Angel Rooms! After picking one of the Chests, you will automaticly get 10 Merit- or Sin Stats! After defeating Moms heart, You can Pick a Chest again. The Chests are gonna Teleport you into a Devil/Angel Room! This time, if you pick one of the Chests you will get 5 Sin/Merit Stats!)

        Why im making ideas? BECAUSE I LOVE ISAAC! :D
        I Hope the one with the Mental Stat is gonna get into Isaac Rebirth… to know, if you are Bad or Good!
        Oh, and its Time to make the Final Devil Boss idea!
        I Wish you good luck, Community! And i wish Isaac’s Community Remix good Luck! Who knows, maybe some of the Features are gonna be in Rebirth too!

  9. IsaacFan-Manderkan

    New Ideas!

    -The Behemoth renamed! his name is going to be Saros aka G1! He’s going to be one of the 3 Fallen Machines! (The Fallen Machines have a Chance to drop their Gear. The Gear of Saros is the ,,Gear of Strength,,.)
    -The Metonic aka N1 (New Boss! The Metonic is going to be almost like the Hollow! The Metonic can’t Half himself, every damage he gets is for every Body Part. But he can Use Turbo, to Move 3x Faster than his normal speed for 5 Secounds. He has a second attack. He Spits Fire from his nose everytime he gets damaged. Fire Damage! He drops The Bean of Fire because he uses the Bean to spit fire! The Gear of the Metonic is the ,,Gear of Speed,,.)
    -The Callipic aka Q1 (New Boss! The Callipic is a Giant Flying Gear Sphere, Which ,,farts out,, Champions.
    He gets a Shield if Monsters are on the field and if he gots Destroyed, he will Half him self like Envy and is going fly around the Screen. if a small gear is being Destroyed, it will spawn 2 Champions! He drops the normal Bean because… He farts them out! He has a Chance to drop the ,,Gear of Wisdom,,
    -The Gears are just like the Cube of Meat! They just have special Effects! If the ,,Gear of Strength,, is being Attacked/Shooted, Isaac will gain a Strength boost! If the Gear of Speed is being Attacked, Isaac will gain a speed boost! If the Gear of Wisdom is being attacked, Isaac will gain a Homing Tear boost! Theese Boosts hold on for 3 Seconds!
    -If you have all the Three Gears, you will transform into a Flying Gear Sphere, Which has the letters V, Y, X and Z on it! If Isaac kills an enemy, while being this Sphere, he will get a 44% Chance to drop The V Awakening, Y Daylight, X Dawn and Z Deepnight!
    -Theese Gears are going to be Really rare like the bosses, so… you will get the 3 Gears only with Luck! Cains Luck Have a Chance of 44% to find the Gear Chest!
    -New Chest! The Gear Chest! It will teleport you into a Gear Room!
    -New Room! The Gear Room! One of the 3 Fallen Machines are waiting for you there!
    -New Chest! The Arcade Chest! You need to put Coins into the Chest to open it! The Value is going to be writting on the Chest! The Chests Value is 5 Coins, 10 Coins or 20 Coins. The more the Price the more there is a chance to get an Item from it! The Chests Value cant be under 5 Coins or over 20 Coins!


    On my next Post!

  10. Macgoofus

    I think it would be interesting to add a devil counterpart for Bum Friend, like “Bum Fiend” or “Demon Friend” that picks up red hearts. (This would probably end up with having Isaac at very low health, due to no red hearts, but I feel that it would balance the scale, as far as Bum Friend goes)

    1. MacDoofus

      I can imagine one combo – Da burn’d friend – lead the bum friend over a fire to turn him into the burn’d friend, who’ll be charcoal black, angry at you and try to steal all your hearts. But, if you’ll be kind enough for him, he might as well repay you with something special. Or just kill you in your sleep. Whatever HE prefers >:D

  11. IsaacFan-Manderkan

    Big List of new Items Ideas! Featuring Isaac’s Toys!

    -The Clown’o’Nose (Passive Item. Isaac wears a ,,Clown Tomatoe,, on his Nose!
    The Clown’o’Nose makes a funny noice if youre being hurted. After that, it will make
    Enemy’s ,,Angry,, and they will Attack each other for 2 Seconds.)

    -The Brick (Active Item. You can’t see it.
    If Isaac uses the Brick, Isaac will Spawn a Stone behind him. The Stone has a 1/4 %
    Chance to be a Blue Stone which drops Blue Hearts.)

    -Little Kings Knive (Passive Item. Isaac has a Tiny Toy Knive stuck in his Head!
    Isaac has a little Companion, Which looks like a little King!
    The little King is picking up Items, and give it to Isaac!)

    -The Backpack (Active Item. Isaac has a Backpack on his back!
    If Isaac uses the Backpack, He can pick everything and transport it to other places!
    Like Stones, Monsters, Items but no bosses!
    Right after you picked up an Object, the backpack is going to be full again.
    If you use it again, you will place the Item in the direction, where you last time went…
    like, if you walked left, it will place the item on the left site!
    After 3 uses, the Backpack is going to Break.)

    -The Cafe Bean (Active Item. You can’t see it!
    After activating you are going to be 2 times Faster than normally!)

    -Knuckle Fist! (Active Item. Isaac’s Right Hand is wearing a Boxing Glove!
    Isaac can destroy an Blue Stone with the Knuckle Fist, which has a 60% Chance
    To drop 2 Soul Stones!)

    -A Game of Chess (Active Item. You can see it!
    After activating, you can reset the Room!
    Takes 7 Rooms to Charge!)

    This time i did it a little bit better.
    More… ,,Fabulous,,? I think? Yeah? :D

  12. OMFGrayscale

    If you have ludivico along with mom’s contact you cannot do damage at all to the carrion queen, it simply duplicates the segments till the freezing effect wears off.

  13. Zoidberg

    Hey hi! Been playing the mod for a couple games but in the few previous I played the mom’s fight did not give me the polaroid, how come?

    ps: sorry for the double post but I think it’s better here.

  14. Eccy

    There’s a glitch involving “Blessing of the Piety” and “Maggy’s Faith”. If you have the eternal heart from Maggy’s Faith and you get Blessing of the Piety, you lose all of your health.

  15. Miguel

    I have a suggestion, make the Devil/Angel room a %50 chance on basement/cellar 2, and make it so that if you pick up a angel room item from the angel room, then you can only get angel rooms, or just make it easy and remove that feature from devils rooms, and make it equal for both. And by the way, is it possible to add a new type of room? I have no ideas for it, just want to know if programming one in is possible.

  16. Stormxz1

    Ludovico, to be honest, is so broken. Just an idea, but can you make the Single Tear, like the My Reflection item? Like, give it a range so it falls down and breaks? Because when I use it, I feel like a cheater. At least make it so it breaks when it hits an enemy, instead of allowing it to hit over and over. Or change it to a normal sized tear.

  17. Dylan

    Some suggestions! :D

    Strange fluid: (Passive) when you get hit by enemies there is a 75% chance to drop white creep.
    Max’s ball: (Passive) +Range and your bullets bounce off walls and rocks.
    Max’s frisbee: (Passive) Your bullets moves in a boomberang arch.
    Totem Pole: (Active) [Devil room item - costs 2 hearts] 6 room recharge – Summons 3 followers for that room.
    The apple: (Active) {Angel room item} 4 room recharge – when used has a 50% chance to kill each enemy (Excluding bosses) in the room and when they die they drop either a bomb, card, key, pill, heart.
    Flip-flops (Passive) makes you immune to creep.
    Holy spirit: (Passive) Increases your immunity time after taking damage by 0.5 seconds.
    The wine: (Passive) when you take damage 15% chance to heal it back
    Busted lips: (Passive) gives you very low attack speed (if possible a bit less than Polyphemus) and shoots 4-6 bullets out in random directions in front of you (Like Monstro)
    Wisdom tooth: (Active) 1 room recharge – shoots Monstro’s teeth out in a circle around you

    If you like these i’ll add more to the list just so i dont waste my time :P Hope you like them!

  18. IsaacFan-Manderkan

    I found out a Bug!
    There is a Trinket called ,,Undefined,,.
    Is it a real Trinket or just a bugged Trinket?
    If its bugged find out what Trinket it is and fix it please! ^-^

    -Heeeeeey From Germany-

    1. Corrupted

      I think that may be the Polaroid before it became an item. I’ve seen it too, but haven’t experienced any problems with it.

  19. Darc

    Hey! I had an idea for a passive item.

    “The Clover” or “4-Leafed Clover” or something similar. Description: “Luck is on your side!” Or “You feel lucky!”

    A small clover appears on Isaac’s chest.
    Item is similar to Bloody Lust, only with Luck. As enemies are killed, luck increases and Isaac becomes more green. Not very useful if you have high luck, but it would be cool to see Isaac progressively shoot more teeth due to Tough Love as the room goes on.

  20. DataSkworm

    I found a bug in the new update. the gift from the angel room is broken. it just gives you undefined right off the bat, no re-rolls.

    1. Avalier

      Same here, every angel room yields an “Undefined” item which just cycles through all the item sprites and doesn’t do anything.

  21. IsaacFan-Manderkan

    Hey! if you can have a Bloody penny or Counterfeit penny…

    -Add Rusty Bomb! Same effect the like Flat Penny just with Bombs! (Looks like a normal bomb just Rusty!)

    -Add Counterfeit Bomb! Same effect like the Counterfeit Penny just with Bombs! (Looks like a Bomb just with Counterfeit!)

    -Add Hearty Bomb! Same effect like the Bloody Penny just with Bombs! (Looks like a Bomb with a Heart Drawen on the middle!)

    -Add Dollar Bomb! Same effect like the Burned Penny… but it gives Coins and its with Bombs! (Looks like a Bombs with a Golden Necklace!)

    -Add Melted Key! Same effect like the Flat Penny/ Rusty Bomb just with Keys! (Looks like a normal Key just some of the places are drifting down melted…)

    -Add Counterfeit Key! Same effect like the Counterfeit Penny/Bomb just with Keys! (Looks like a Key with counterfeit!)

    -Add Painted Key! Same effect like the Dollar Bomb just with Keys! (Looks like a Key, but its half painted Yellow)

    -Add Lunchbox Key! Same effect like the Bloody Penny/Bomb just with Keys! (Looks like a Key but it has a Name Tag on it what says ,,Lunch,,)

    Aaaand… if we have a golden Key… Why we still don’t have…

    -Add Silver Coin! You will have for this ROOM unlimited Coins! After spending coins this ,,ROOM Effect,, comes. at the end of the Stage… if you spended no Coins but if you have the Silver Coin, it will disappear!

    -Add Bronzed Bomb! You will have for 2 Rooms unlimited Bombs! After using bombs this ,,ROOM Effect,, comes for this Room! After the second use the Bronzed Bomb disappears and you will have unlimited Bombs for this Room! If you didn’t used bombs but you have still the Bronzed Bomb, it will disappear too!

    To be true… everyone wants that! and theese ideas for the Silver Coin or Bronzed Bomb isnt so Overpowered… And even You will only have a chance of … Silver Coin 1/100 (1%) and the Bronzed Bomb 1/50 (2%) to get theese two! If a Silver Coin is being dropped it could transform itself to an Silver Coin (1%) and if a Bomb is dropped it can be a Bronzed Bomb! (2%)

  22. Miguel

    Hey oldbob12, im really loving the mod, and I have just a few ideas (and fixes)
    1. Fix the Rusted Key item (http://www.platinumgod.co.uk/ Go here to see what it does)
    2. Brimstone and moms knife can synergize together in Rebirth, according to the gif on the website.
    3. Guppys Hairball with Guppy adds a new effect to it (I dont know what it might do, its just an idea.
    4. Quad Shot+Triple= 7 Shots, (Damage down to balance it)
    5. Super Bandage+SMB Super Fan= Become Meatboy
    6. Add items to make a Max transformation! Max’s head, max’s paw, max’s tail! (dont know what effects this might make, its just another idea.
    These are my ideas, thx for reading.

  23. Yotam Shitrit

    I installed community remix and it everything works great until i enter an angle room and the game crashes is there a way to fix this?

  24. Hazmine

    Hi! just wondering. are you going to then add this. the hatred. ( on google look on images the binding of boss ideas and the hatred should be on the top row towards the left. same for jack. gummy. and cerberus if you will. and its YES The the key monster. he drops a skeleton key and just for the looks he turns into a pile of keys.

  25. Ihatethis

    I have the same problem as Dylan, every time I go into the angel room it’s undefined. It really pisses me off and everyone says it’s because of a pirated version. I have not pirated it, I bought the game and the dlc and I have no idea why it has this problem AGAIN. Please fix it. (I’m assuming it’s the updates fault, because it didnt do it before.)

  26. Pik

    I found another bug.

    After becoming Loki (not sure if this is relevant but it might be so I’m putting it here), I found Mutant Spider and noticed that the four tear that are shot in the same direction are off. The far left one and the far right (when shooting up) tears are not symmetrical, and it looks like the far right starts from the same position that the mid-right tear does.

    Not the most pressing of bugs, like the angel room bug is, but it’s another thing I noticed.

  27. Pyrowolf

    I think I found a bug, I got the Pen trinket while I had Quadshot and I never shot a gish tear. I don’t know if it’s the interaction that is broken, or the trinket itself as this is the first and only time I’ve acquired Pen.

  28. John

    Hey, I had a coin beggar and after giving him 5 cents he magically turned into a bomb beggar. Is this supposed to happen?

  29. Xan

    Sweet mod, Thanks!
    I really hope how to figure out how to turn into Loki, I know you need Loki’s horns but what would be the other items? XD and yeah, Angel Room is buggy which is a bummer.

  30. nicu

    can you please do a Max transformation with the dog food,max`s head and mabey a new item? it would be sooooooo cool please answer

      1. nicu

        nice,i love this mod and i would be verry happy to see my ideea in it :)
        (sorry if is wrong i dont write so good in english)

  31. Void222x

    I think I figured out the Angel Room undifined glitch. The Angel room has no item pool! I check in the Item Pools in spidermod and the Angel room has no Item pool what so ever

        1. NotMadAnyMore

          Okay.. When I press item pools editor nothing happens. This should be connected with the fact that when I press on some cheats they dont react at all.

      1. Zoidberg

        When I click on edit pool items, nothing opens.

        Guess I’ll wait for the patch before playing the community remix again. :/

        1. NotMadAnyMore

          You need to be in game and do it manually, check the wiki’s angel room page and add the items manually. The file he uploaded doesn’t seem to work.

          1. Void222x

            It should work just fine after you load the item pool. It worked for me and some other people but ya if this does not work just add the items manually to the angel room pool.

  32. Wordek

    I experienced a strange bug recently. When i enter the Angel Room the item in it is undefined :( The same situation with items spawned in Angel Room using beggars :( Have anyone else experienced such a bug, or is it just me? It happened after updating the mod with the latest update.

  33. tkninja13

    not sure if you saw my last post it says awaiting moderation?? but it said this “I dunno if this combo isnt supposed to work or not but i got guppy with the ludovico technique and it doesnt spawn flies so guppy is rather pointless and a waste of a lot of red hearts =[“


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